Rounds43 Play Time03:59:13   
Score122 (2.84) Skill1420 (33.02) Ratio1.21
Kills710 Deaths585 Suicides1
Kill Streak16 Death Streak7 Team Kills0

# Top Victims You
1 Stripy 56
2 Sidius 27
3 TheLostOne 27
4 Rei.cangašo.brasil 18
5 Sylwia 17
6 Hustler 16
7 RuRu 15
8 LordOfRings 15
10 |Neznani|Junak 21 14
# Top Enemies Killed
1 Stripy 59
2 Sidius 28
3 prcor 24
5 S!CK 16
6 |Neznani|Junak 21 16
7 Sylwia 14
8 JUVE.-1956(BE) 12
9 Danya 12
10 |Neznani|Junak 354 12
# Top Weapons Kills
Call Of Duty 2: MP44
Call Of Duty 2: KAR98K Sniper
Call Of Duty 2: Springfield
Call Of Duty 2: Shotgun
Call Of Duty 2: German Grenade
Call Of Duty 2: British Grenade
Call Of Duty 2: Thompson
Call Of Duty 2: Luger
Call Of Duty 2: Bash
Call Of Duty 2: PPSH

# Location Kills
1 Call Of Duty 2: Stomach 285
2 Call Of Duty 2: Head 100
3 Call Of Duty 2: Chest 88
4 Call Of Duty 2: Whole Body 56
5 Call Of Duty 2: Right Thigh 44
6 Call Of Duty 2: Left Thigh 30
7 Call Of Duty 2: Right Bicep 20
8 Call Of Duty 2: Neck 18
9 Call Of Duty 2: Left Calf 17
10 Call Of Duty 2: Left Bicep 14

Last 1000 Quotes
1400++ MEMBERS!!! -->
PHOENIX COD2 - we keep COD2 alive.
hi juve
22 left on the 44 lol
report cheaters here: --> #cheaters
Welcome,have fun! :D
ah toujane
and i bet you do
and i reacted
and i was banned, it was me
and its known for it
and this guy SICK here... i think hes a new admin
avengers is also spamming.
because JOCA CANT PLAY lol
because JOCA is jealous of our server lol
because i just dont care
btw this Sick guy here
but i was also banned about 5 times now at least lol
but joca hates me and i started hating him for banning me with NO reasons
cant play with sound at least
comes to our server with full aim on
gg :)
gg very wp wing :
havent played here for about a month
he cant understand tho
he does that everytime, what a boon lol
he is always right
hi JUVE :)
hi godsent engl pls
hi hustler :)
hi nisse
hope we can refill it earlier times again
i am actually above coxy, to point that out as last
i just got unbanned here a week ago i think
i know sick
i never dcheated never will i hate cheaters mor than you
i play a lot on our server
if you were at our discord and regular player on phoenix you would know better
im here for the maps lets play
in 3-4 hours good time
its more late now, dunno why
its mostly PRASE using my name, he hates and loves me xD
its the we ban if we get killed server
its you, but ok not my problem
joca keeps banning me lol
join, new maps
joins, changes map and kicks after you kill him once
jooo nich die map, bin raus bb :
just promoting better server here
just stop watching child porn atj, that would help already
k l8er i guess
k stfu alterego strasni :D
kuddelmuddel :)
like always...
like winger did
lol YEP!
lol rofl lmfao thx sick
lol seen first a week ago, no name to steal
lol thx ruru
lol yep YOU
magic almost garand script
maybe there was a fake spun here too
must be german
niic e xD
no its just the noobserver it always was
no need to explain, i know i am clean and i hate cheaters more than you
no reason except for pure provocation
no reason for sure
no way
not french
ofc i can
ok dankjewell xD
ok then be nice if you talk to him
one of the worst admins
out of ammo lol
polish then 100percent
prase f.e. lol
so he keeps banning me more lol
so who should use the exact same name on our server?
some more of our team also
spytime lol
sry alterego
strasni you are temp banned like that i know that
take niksi for example... lol
that atj will kick you if you fart lol
that likes to cheat on TDM phoenix server
that would be a ban for example
thats the one being always drunk asking for pussa
they swear right away
things i also dont like: players with no headset or skill xD
this map is so cool haha :)
tons of cheaters on tdm
too bad, admin nr one blocking a slot in that team lol
u can cry all day
very skilled players there
war klar xD
we stop talking?
whats next map? africa?
whenever i come here its like playing bots
why cry about long known mods?
wicked... lol cant even walk in game
with strasno
wo why is my score so bad now stripy?
y its working on ctfb
y me too, i come for the maps and some easy kills compared to our tdm server
y we should really do that
yep no surprise if you talk to admins like that
yep, sry about that xD
you are very provocative godsent
you checked my dm on disc?
you mean voice spam right?
you overdo it
you play really good Sylwia! Check out Phoenix TDM server too


Call Of Duty 2: Team Death Match
Best Score 35.5 Round 822
Worst Score -6.0 Round 237
Most Skillful 128.0 Round 822
Least Skillful 0.0 Round 629
Longest Streaks
  #Ended By In Round
Kill 10   Pitogyro #470   1249
Death 6   |Toujane|Junak 810   1249
Rounds Played
00237 00441 00627 00629 00631 00667 00705 00768 00792 00820 00822 01249 01279 01500 02217 02248 02285

Call Of Duty 2: Deathmatch
Best Score 26.0 Round 821
Worst Score -11.0 Round 1200
Most Skillful 174.0 Round 821
Least Skillful 0.0 Round 164
Longest Streaks
  #Ended By In Round
Kill 16   ^0 D ^7 o c ^0 T ^7 o r   1250
Death 7     1458
Rounds Played
00164 00438 00440 00442 00589 00591 00626 00628 00630 00632 00668 00670 00706 00767 00769 00791 00821 00823 01200 01250 01280 01393 01458 02216 02218 02249